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Sig. i6r
Sig. i6r
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Sig. i6r
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Emperour was entryd in to the vale of Sessoyne / he myghte
see where kynge Arthur was enbatailled and his baner dys//
played / and he was bysette round aboute with his enemyes /
that nedes he must fyghte or yelde hym / for he myght not flee /

Milestone: Emperor Lucius addresses Romans

But sayd openly vnto the Romayns / syrs I admoneste you
that this day ye fyghte and acquyte yow as men / and remem
bre how Rome domyneth and is chyef and hede ouer alle the
erthe and vnyuersal world / and suffre not these bretons thys
day to abyde ageynste vs / & ther with he dyd commaunde hys
trōpettes to blowe the blody sownes in suche wyse that the gro//
und trembled and dyndled /

Milestone: Battle ensues

Thenne the batails approuched
and shoue and showted on bothe sydes and grete strokes were
smyten on bothe sydes / many men ouerthrowen / hurte / & slayn
and grete valyaunces / prowesses and appertyces of werre we//
re that day shewed / whiche were ouer long to recounte the no//
ble feates of euery man / For they shold conteyne an hole vo//
lume /

Milestone: King Arthur draws Excalyber and slays Galapas

But in especyal kynge Arthur rode in the bataille ex//
hortynge his knyghtes to doo wel / and hym self dyd as no//
bly with his handes as was possyble a man to doo / he drewe
oute Excalibur his swerd / and awayted euer where as the ro//
mayns were thyckest and moost greued his peple / and anone
he adressyd hym on that parte and hewe and slewe doune ryȝt
and rescued his peple / and he slewe a grete gyaunt named ga//
lapas / whiche was a man of an huge quantyte and heyghte
he shorted hym and smote of bothe his legges by the knees / sa
yenge Now arte thow better of a syse to dele with / than thou
were / and after smote of his hede /

Milestone: Sir Gawayne slays three admirals

there syre gawayn foughte
nobly and slewe thre admyrales in that bataill / And so dyd
alle the knyghtes of the round table /


Milestone: King Arthur slays Emperor Lucius

Thus the bataill bitwe//
ne kynge Arthur and Lucius themperour endured longe / Lu
cius had on his syde many sarasyns / whiche were slayn / and
thus the bataille was grete / and oftsydes that one party was
at a fordele and anone at an afterdele / whiche endured so longe
tyl at the last kyng Arthur aspyed / where Lucius themperour
fought / and dyd wonder with his owne handes / And anon he
rode to hym / And eyther smote other fyersly / and atte last Lu
cyus smote Arthur thwart the vysage/ and gaf hym a large
wound / And whanne kyng Arthur felte hym self hurte / anon

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