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Sig. i5r
Sig. i5r
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Sig. I5r
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no man of worship was loste of them / sauf that syr Gawayn
was sore hurte / Thenne the kynge dyd do ransake his woun//
des and comforted hym / And thus was the begynnynge of
the fyrst iourney of the brytons and Romayns / and ther we//
re slayne of the Romayns moo than ten thousand / and grete
ioye and myrthe was made that nyghte in the hoost of kynge
Arthur /

Milestone: Sir Launcelot leads prisoners to Paris

And on the morne he sente alle the prysoners in to pa
rys vnder the garde of syre launcelot with many knyghtes &
of syr Cador

Div: How Lucius sente certeyn espyes in a busshement for to haue taken hys knyghtes beyng prysonners / and how they were letted


¶Capitulum vij

Milestone: Emperor Lucius plans ambush

NOw torne we to the Emperour of Rome whiche aspy
ed that these prysoners shold be sente to Parys / and
anone he sente to leye in a busshement certayne knyghtes and
prynces with syxty thousand men for to rescowe his knygh//
tes and lordes that were prysoners /

Milestone: Sir Lancelot sends three knights ahead

And so on the morne as
Launcelot and syre Cador chyuetayns and gouernours of all
them that conueyed the prysoners as they sholde passe thurgh
a wode syr Laūcelot sente certayne knyghtes tespye yf ony we
re in the woodes to lette them / And whanne the said knyghtes
cam in to the wood / anone they aspyed and sawe the grete en
busshement /

Milestone: Three knights recount what they have seen

and retorned and told syr Laūcelot that ther lay
in a wayte for them thre score thousand Romayns / And then//
ne syr Launcelot with suche knyghtes as he hadde and men of
warre to the nombre of x M put them in araye and met wyth
them and foughte with them manly /

Milestone: Three knights attack the Romans and slay the King of Lybye and three great lords

and slewe and dreten//
chid many of the Romayns / and slewe many knyghtes & ad//
myrals of the party of the Romayns and sarasyns / ther was
slayne the kynge of lylye and thre grete lordes Aladuke / he
rawde and heryngdale / but syr Launcelot fought soo nobly that
no man myght endure a stroke of his hande / but where he came
he shewed his prowesse and myght / for he slewe doune ryght
on euery syde /

Milestone: The Romans and Saracens flee

And the Romayns and sarasyns fledde from
hym as the sheep fro the wulf or fro the lyon / and putt them
alle that abode alyue to flyght / And so longe they fouȝte that
tydynges came to kynge Arthur / And anone he graythed hym
and came to the bataille / and sawe his knyghtes how they had

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