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Sig. i3v
Sig. i3v
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Sig. i3v
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bledde for sorowe / and hayled hym sayeng in this wyse he that
alle the world weldeth gyue the shorte lyf & shameful dethe /
And the deuyl haue thy soule / why hast thow murthred the//
se yonge Innocent children / and murthred this duchesse / Ther
fore aryse and dresse the thow gloton / For this day shall thou
dye of my hand /

Milestone: King Arthur fights Giant

Thenne the gloton anone starte vp and tooke
a grete clubbe in his hand / and smote at the kynge that his
coronal fylle to the erthe / and the kynge hytte hym ageyn that
he carf his bely and cutte of his genytours / that his guttes &
his entraylles fylle doune to the ground / thenne the gyaunt
threwe awey his clubbe / and caught the kynge in his armes
that he crusshyd his rybbes / Thenne the thre maydens knelyd
doune and callyd to Cryst for helpe and comforte of Arthur
And thenne Arthur weltred and wrong / that he was other
whyle vnder and another tyme aboue / And so weltryng and
walowynge they rolled doune the hylle / tyl they came to the
see marke / and euer as they soo weltred / Arthur smote hym
with his daggar / and it fortuned they came to the place / whe//
re as the two knyghtes were and kepte Arthurs hors / then
ne when they sawe the kynge fast in the gyaunts armes / they
came and losed hym /

Milestone: The Giant is beheaded

And thenne the kynge commaunded syr
kaye to smyte of the gyaunts hede / and to sette it vpon a trun//
cheon of a spere / and bere it to syre howel / and telle hym that
his enemy was slayne / and after late this hede be bounden to
a barbycan that alle the peple may see and behold hit / and go
ye two vp to the montayn / and fetche me my sheld / my suerd
and the clubbe of yron / And as for the tresour take ye it / for
ye shalle fynde there good oute of nombre /

Milestone: King Arthur takes the Curtyll

So I haue the ker
tyl and the clubbe I desyre no more / This was the fyerst gy//
aunt that euer I mette with / sauf one in the mount of Arabe /
whiche I ouercame / but this was gretter and fyerser / Thenne
the knyghtes fette the clubbe and the kyrtyl / and some of the
tresour they took to them self / and retorned ageyne to the host
And anone this was knowen thurgh alle the countrey / wher
for the peple came and thanked the kynge / And he sayd a//
geyne yeue the thanke to god / and departe the goodes among
yow / And after that kynge Arthur sayd and commaunded
his Cosyn howel that he shold ordeyne for a chirche to be bylded

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