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Sig. k2v
Sig. k2v
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Sig. k2v
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wold knowe hym for theyr lord / But soone after on a sater
day came vnto kynge Arthur alle the senatours that were left
on lyue / and the noblest Cardynals that thenne dwellyd in
Rome / And prayd hym of pees / and profered hym ful large
And bysought hym as gouernour to gyue lycence for vj we//
kes for to assemble alle the Romayns / And thenne to crowne
hym Emperour with creme as it bylongeth to so hyhe astate / I
assente sayd the kynge lyke as ye haue deuysed / and at cry//
stemas there to be crowned / and to holde my round table with
my knyghtes as me lyketh / And thenne the senatours maade
redy for his Intronysacyon / And at the day appoynted as the
Romaunce telleth he came in to Rome / and was crouned em
perour by the popes hand with all the ryalte that coude be ma
de /

Milestone: Division of lands among men

And sudgerned there a tyme / and establysshed all his lon//
des from Rome in to Fraunce / and gaf londes and royammes
vnto his seruauntes and knyghtes to eueryche after his desert
in suche wyse that none complayned ryche ne poure / & he gafe
to syre Pryamus the duchye of Lorayne / and he thanked hym
and sayd he wold serue hym the dayes of his lyf / and after
made dukes and erles / and made euery man ryche /

Milestone: Knights ask to return home

after this alle his knyghtes and lordes assembled them afore
hym / and sayd blessyd be god your warre is fynysshed and
your conquest acheued / in soo moche that we knowe none soo
grete ne myghty that dar make warre ageynst yow / wherfore
we byseche you to retorne homeward / and gyue vs lycence to
goo home to oure wyues / fro whome we haue ben longe / and
to reste vs / for your Iourney is fynysshed with honour & wor
ship / Thenne sayd the kyng / ye saye trouthe / and for to temp//
te god it is no wysedome / And therfore make you redy and
retorne we in to Englond / Thenne there was trussyng of har//
neis and bagage and grete caryage / And after lycence gyuen
he retorned and commaunded that noo man in payne of dethe
shold not robbe ne take vytaylle / ne other thynge by the way
but that he shold paye therfore /

Milestone: King Arthur and men return

And thus he came ouer the see
and londed at sandwyche / ageynste whome Quene Gweneuer
his wyf came and mette hym / and he was nobly receyued of
alle his comyns in euery cyte and burgh / and grete yeftes
presented to hym at his home comyng to welcome hym with /

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