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Sig. h7v
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¶ Explicit liber quartus

¶ Incipit liber quintus

Milestone: King Arthur's Court

WHanne kyng Arthur had after longe werre re//
sted / and helde a Ryal feeste and table rounde
with his alyes of kynges / prynces / and noble
knyghtes all of the round table /

Milestone: Arrival of Emperor Lucius' messengers

there cam in to
his halle he syttynge in his throne Ryal xij aū//
cyen men / berynge eche of them a braunche of Olyue in token
that they cam as Embassatours and messagers fro the Empe
rour Lucyus / whiche was called at that tyme / Dictatour or
procurour of the publyke wele of Rome / whiche sayde messa//
gers after their entryng & comyng in to the presence of kynge
Arthur dyd to hym theyr obeyssaūce in makyng to hym reue//
rence said to hym in this wyse /

Milestone: none

Milestone: Messenger speaks

The hyghe & myghty Emperour
Lucyus sendeth to the kyng of Bretayne gretyng / cōmaūdyng
the to knouleche hym for thy lord / and to sende hym the trua//
ge due of this Royamme vnto thempyre / whiche thy fader and
other to fore thy precessours haue paid as is of record /

Milestone: Messenger asks for recognition of Lucius as sovereign

thou as rebelle not knowynge hym as thy souerayne withhol//
dest and reteynest contrary to the statutes and decrees maade
by the noble and worthy Iulius Ceȝar conquerour of this
Royame / and fyrst Emperour of Rome / And yf thou refuse
his demaunde and commaundement / knowe thou for certayne
that he shal make stronge werre ageynst the / thy Royames &
londes / and shall chastyse the and thy subgettys / that it shal be
ensample perpetuel vnto alle kynges and prynces / for to denye
their truage vnto that noble empyre whiche domyneth vpon the
vnyuersal world /

Milestone: King Arthur seeks counsel

NoteIn Cx, there are further milestone which deal with advice (7, 8, 27) which are not present in Chron Thenne whan they had shewed theffecte of
their message / the kyng commaunded them to withdrawe them
And said he shold take auyce of counceylle and gyue to them
an ansuere /

Milestone: Young knights take offence

Thenne somme of the yonge knyghtes heryng this
their message wold haue ronne on them to haue slayne them
sayenge that it was a rebuke to alle the knyghtes there beyng
present to suffre them to saye so to the kynge /

Milestone: King Arthur hosts Roman messengers

And anone the


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Sig. h7v
Sig. h7v
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